Do you realize your carpet padding breaks down over the years?

Yes, your carpet padding is usually manufactured in a fashion that it will break down over the years and causes hardening.

The padding breaks down, begins to deteriorate and flattens out. This is what makes your carpet feel hard underneath your feet. Also your carpet is only guaranteed for a specified amount of years and it will wear based on the product you purchase, maintenance and durability. Don’t walk around on hard and worn out carpet let us show you how you can renew your flooring at an affordable price here at the Carpet Shack.

carpet padding before it broke down

New Carpet padding samples.

Our experts will show you what type of carpet padding is best for your style and brand of carpet to help it last as long as possible. With all the new carpet padding on the market it can be confusing as to which one to choose. New on the market is padding that will not absorb liquids and is stain resistant. We can help your home look better with new carpeting and padding and you will be feeling soft cushion under your feet instead of hard floor!

We provide one on one personal service, unlike the Big Box Stores where you don’t even know if the person is experienced in carpeting styles, colors, brands and padding.

Call us today at 407-830-5688 or come by and let our experts show you what you have been missing with your worn out carpet and broken down padding. We want to make sure you save money, receive expert service, custom installation and a luxurious soft cushioned carpet.