Here at the Carpet Shack we also stock luxurious hardwood and quality laminate flooring to make sure we meet every one of your flooring needs.

Wood flooring which is stunning and also can raise the worth of your residence or business location. Whilst laminate flooring is usually a cheaper choice but still has durability and looks like wood.

Wood flooring has a deepness of colors and also looks excellent as well as offers your residence or business a rich warmer sensation.

A selection of engineered wood flooring choices are readily available here at The Carpet Shack in both hard woods or pressed woods. The type of wood you will pick depends on your individual inclination as well as the decor of your location. You can still have the look of wood when you select laminate flooring products.

Hardwood is a popular option in wooden floors. Take into consideration leaving the wood in its natural color. Some hardwoods, such as walnut and also cherry have a rich tone without the need for staining.

Once you have actually chosen the product, consider your completing alternatives. You could decide to buy prefinished wood. This is already stained and also shielded with a clear finishing. Pre-finished is generally bit more pricey, but conserves a considerable amount of time in the installation. Always remember if you would like the look of wood you have a choice of laminate flooring too.



Here at Carpet Shack our staff will expertly guide you through the process of making sure you are satisfied with your flooring choice and setting up your professional installation. Call 407-830-5688 to set up an appointment to visit our showroom.